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Daisy Wright speaking at a Networking Meeting of Internationally Trained Communications, Advertising & Marketing Professionals (CAMP) in Toronto on February 23, 2012

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"At some point in my life...I’ve walked in your shoes!
At some point in my life...I've lived with your challenges, and
At some point in my life...I've known your frustrations. 
That’s why I am well positioned to help you succeed."

~Daisy Wright, Author – No Canadian Experience & President of The Wright Career Solution.


Welcome to NCE Institute! Having written the book, No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Success Guide for New Immigrants, I realized that the Institute was the natural progression to an online professional development community where newcomers and individuals with a shared interest can add their voices to the dialogue; learn through the various resources provided, and offer encouragement and hope to those who are thinking of (or already have) given up.


It’s a journey about all of us – individuals who understand and are committed to helping newcomers adjust, integrate and succeed in Canada. These contributions are simple! Share your story, offer advice and links to resources, but most of all offer encouragement and support to those who need it.


The Reality!


There is no doubt it can be a daunting experience for anyone moving from one country to another, but it becomes even more challenging when one is trapped between a rock and a hard place – no job because of lack of Canadian experience, and no experience because of a lack of a job.  My high school’s motto is “Veni Vidi Vicci”, which means “I came, I saw, I conquered!” I want newcomers to Canada to suspend their beliefs about, and not buy into the No Canadian experience concept. Instead, to live the motto; to translate it into their everyday lives  and to remind themselves that they were successful in their former roles, and they still have the capabilities to make it happen in Canada. That’s the message I would like to convey.

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To your success,

Daisy Wright

Career Results Coach